Monday, March 2, 2009

Mexico sounds better everyday!!!

Flashbacks of Michigan spring have been haunting me all morning!! I have a March birthday and I remember celebrating many birthdays with an inch or more of snow still covering the ground. But that was Michigan! This is my beloved North Carolina and she is not supposed to do this to me!!! Oh, don't worry I'm only a little serious. What I really wonder is if this isn't God's way of making Mexico sound better everyday.
Since our last post we had the mammoth moving sale and it was quite the success. Aside from people knocking our door down beginning on Friday morning (the sale was Saturday !) and calling to ask if they could come at 5:00am it went very well. We sold a lot, gave away a lot, and most importantly we have nothing big left that we have to haul away. We also had fun telling our story to so many who asked where we are moving. We even got to share with some families who moved here from Mexico!
Our next big event on the calendar is speaking at Hull's Grove North on March 15th. This is the satellite location of our home church. We're looking forward to sharing our story with these Brothers and Sisters and seeking their financial support for our trip. Please be in prayer for us that we would share what God wants us to and He would move in the hearts of His people on our behalf.
March 19th Brad and I will fly to Reynosa for 4 days to find a house to rent. We know that the Lord has a specific house in a specific location for us and we are praying that he will lead us to it. Issues that are important are safety, cost, and size. Betsy and Randall Chacon, the orphanage director and her husband, will be our guides and translators. Please pray that we find just what we need in the time we have.
We have been researching our options for moving our belongings and we think we have found the best choice. Because we have to go through customs it is not an easy task. It looks like we will be sending a tractor trailer down three weeks before we actually move because there is a possibility that it could get held up in customs for that long. This means we have to have everything packed and loaded on the trailer by April 1st!!! This stresses me out because that is three weeks less than I was expecting to have for packing. Please pray that the Lord will pour His grace out on us and we will be able to get it all done. Also, please continue to pray for the rental of our primary house and the sale of our animals and Brad's corvette.
Thanks to everyone who continues to send in financial support. We are very close to reaching our goal. You are such a blessing and we know that the Lord will bless you as well. We will do our best to keep you all updated as the weeks go by and we get closer to d-day!!
God Bless...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Boyles family,

We are so excited for you. We just heard from Kim and Blair of your blog. Just know that the Hopper family in Cherryville will be praying for you and will keep up with you thru your blog. We are in awe of what the Lord is seeking for you all.
God will give you the motivation and strength that you need for the move. "we live by faith , not by sight" 2 Cor. 5:7. Any task that looks too big He will help us to accomplish.
Love In Christ,
Michael, Debbie(Beam),
Kayleigh-Scarlett, Aulden, & Haydn