Thursday, August 6, 2009

Manana is finally here!

A very popular word in Mexico is Manana. Everything will happen "manana". This one word sums up the basic mindset of a country. There is no hurry. We found that out when we waited 10 weeks to get our belongings, when we waited 2 weeks to get our gas turned on, when we waited three weeks to get our cable tv. So when we signed up for internet and were told one month we were not surprised. However, when we returned to check on things 6 weeks later we were told it would be two more months! Okay, if you know me, you know I'm a slow poke all the way so I like the pace down here. But even I like things to move a little faster than that!
Well, I'm thrilled to report that manana is finally here! We finally broke down and went for what we thought would be the most expensive route, a wireless card from the cell phone company. Turns out it is no more expensive than going through the cable company. Praise God!
We all feel so much more connected now. The first thing I did was download SKYPE and call my mom! The boys were salivating over my shoulder waiting for their turns to surf. You can expect a lot more posts now and lots of pictures so check back often. ;)
Since our last post we have said goodbye to our last TEAM, hello and goodbye to Brad's mom, Donata, and goodbye to our beloved interns BJ and Eliza. We are still very excited about being here but also a little sad about all the goodbyes. We will be changing gears now that the summer is over and we have no TEAMS again until November. The boys will begin homeschooling the first of September so that will take up a good portion of our time. We also have plans to work as a family at the home making some much needed improvements to the "casas" and just help out wherever needed. But what we look forward to the most is spending time with the children. This summer has enabled us to get to know them so much better. We are forging relationships and finding so many opportunites for encouragement and godly influence. We are planning several "extracurricular" activities with them. Next week I'm having all the girls 12 and up over for a PJ party at our house. There are about 6 girls in this age group and I can't wait to get some real "girl time" with them. Brad is also planning to take the boys 13 and up on a camping/fishing trip to the beach in the next few weeks. All the kids, ours included, are very excited.
The language barrier is slowly coming down! Brandon seems to just soak it up. He hangs out with the teenage boys alot and they have been like his own private tutors. He is definitely the most advanced in the language with me right behind him. The sad thing is I have to study daily and he has never picked up a book. I guess that is the difference between 39 and 13! Miller and Jackson are learning alot as well, they're just not as eager as Brandon and I. Brad has started using my books lately. He says he is better at listening and understanding than at speaking. I must say, though, it is pretty cute to hear him speak in his NC drawl!
We continue to covet your prayers. I really need your prayers concerning homeschooling. I know that it is the Lord's will, but I know how hard it can be and I have to lean completely on the Lord. Please pray that I will not be overwhelmed and God will strengthen me daily. Please also pray for our boys that they will walk in the Spirit and not the flesh. Pray that God would give them diligence and perserverance in their work.
Please pray for Brad as he leads our family and seeks to do God's will. Pray that God would give him wisdom and discernment. And please pray for all of us to be protected from the onslaughts of Satan. We feel him battering us constantly and we need strength.
Last, but not least, please lift up the children, house parents,and staff of the home. School will be starting in 2 weeks and lots of the children will be going off to new schools. Pray for their safety and for strength to be godly examples in their schools. Pray for the house parents to be the examples they should be for the children and to walk closely with Jesus.
Thanks to all of you who have sent emails, cards, and facebooks comments to encourage us. We are very grateful for all of you. God bless you!
P.S. The count is now up to three for number of times we've been pulled over by Mexican Policia!! 1 for me, 2 for Brad but all in my car. Our new tactic is to witness to every policeman who pulls us over!! We'll let you know how things go...
Eliza Johnson our sweet intern from Minnesota on her departing day!
Brandon and our other intern BJ on a trip to the beach
Donata, Jackson, Elsa (house mother), Eliza, Isabel, Brandon,and Miller
Brad and the very lovable Dan!
All the "Muchachos" hanging out! Some of the CHI children performing for BJ and Eliza on their last day in Mexico.
We will miss them both so much!!


Ruth said...

I happened to check out your blog this morning as we await Eliza's return to us this evening. It was so great to see pictures of her with you on her last night there. I'm imagining the emotions of this day for her. You have been such a blessing to her (and many!) As our children grow up, it's wonderful to see how God brings other people into their lives to love and guide have certainly been part of God's plan for Eliza. Thank you, and we are committed to supporting your lives and ministry with our prayers.

eliza said...

Miss you all and love you very much! Keep me posted as to when you are having the PJ party and we will plan a skype date :-)

Jan said...

We are so excited about meeting you guys! My Jackson says he wants to be called Clay, though, since you have a Jackson as well. :)