Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still Swine-Free!

Well, the hand -washing is not in vain. We are still swine flu-free in South Texas! Aside from the "pandemic" taking over local news things here are quite normal. While we continue to wait for our belongings to pass through customs we are really enjoying being at headquarters.

Brad has spent a lot of time preparing for the mission teams that will start coming in June. He has had to calm some fears regarding the swine flu and recent drug violence. His gift for encouragement has served him well in these situations. He has also made a few trips to the Children's Home and been able to get some work done there. At this time we are working to complete an addition to the school and a new dormitory.

The boys just amaze me! They have acclimated so quickly to so many changes. Their typical day consists of sleeping until about 8am, eating breakfast and heading to the Thrift Store to see what they can do. They have all three become fast buddies with Jesse Curtsinger, one of the volunteers here. He and his wife, Darlene, are here everyday taking care of the thrift store and all of the donations that come in. Jesse makes a lot of pick ups from people wanting to donate items and the boys like to go with him. Let's just say they're all on the same page! Jesse has a sense of humor any boy would relate to. And Jackson loves him because he let Jackson mop the Thrift Store! If you know Jackson at all, you know that Jesse will be his friend for life. I'm proud of the way that we've seen the boys just jump in and help out . The other day we looked out the front window of the offices and saw Miller helping an elderly lady carry her purchases to the car. They were carrying on a conversation like they had known eachother forever. Another day Brandon spent an hour or so stuffing and stamping envelopes for a mailing Betsy was sending out. This is the kind of stuff you can't get in school. I just praise God that he is at work in the hearts of our children. To Him be ALL the glory!

I have enjoyed the past nine days more than I can say. I would have thought that it would drive me crazy waiting this long for our belongings. But, I know with certainty that God has given us this time to continue to prepare us for all that lies ahead. We are gaining an understanding of the business side of the this ministry that we wouldn't have otherwise. And, most importantly, we are forging lasting relationships with wonderful Christians brothers and sisters.

I'm also having fun because of the projects I get to work on while here. I've started repainting the tired and faded Thrift Store sign that hangs out front. You all know that's right up my alley! I also have the privilege of updating the CHI website. I'm learning lots of new computer skills and putting my creativity to work. I can't wait for you all to see the finished project. One more task I hope to accomplish while here is to redecorate the lobby of the headquarters. This is the room that visitors first enter upon arrival and it also is looking a bit tired and faded. I can't wait! Visions of paint chips are dancing in my head!!

We will continue to share our adventures here with you and as soon as we get our computer we will begin adding pictures and videos. Thanks for your prayers, emails, phone calls. We love and miss you all...

Looking to Him,
The Boyles


Anonymous said...

Hey ya'll! Just a note to let you know we are praying for you! You were the topic of our mission friends class the week you left. We had the kids color pictures of an authentic mexican home and draw you, Brad, and the boys in so that they will remember to pray for you each day! We showed them the video clip of your new home (although the wireless connection at church wasn't cooperating very well). The kids were very excited to realize they can say they know "real missionaries" and that God can use them just like he's using you and the boys! Can't wait to see all He's going to do through this time! Keep posting! Love in Christ, Brian, Chelsea, Holden & Parker

Unknown said...

Hi! Nice to see your post. I hope we can get in touch. I feel called to the state of Durango, MX, where I have a small property. I am leaving for Mexico this week, helping family members take more of their belongings down. If you email me at asksyl@yahoo.com, we can arrange to meet. God bless you!