Thursday, July 9, 2009

On your mark, get set, GO!!!

Okay, I know, it's been a month!! I've been mulling over this blog for about a week now. We even tried a video blog so that we could report everything that has gone on here in the most efficient way. Let's just say we'll try that again some other time! So, in an effort to hit all the hilights and not leave anything out I'm just going to give a quick, short run-down for everyone. If you just can't live without the details email us or leave a comment and we'll do our best to fill you in. Suffice it to say, God is sooo good! We've been residents of Reynosa for four weeks now and the transition could not have gone better. God has once again poured out his grace on us and we are continually thankful. We know that everyone is praying for us because we can feel it and we ask you to keep on keeping on. We need continued guidance and wisdom to do His will here. Please pray also for the leadership at the Home and, of course, for the children.

Okay, are you ready, are you buckled in? Here we go:
We moved into our home June 5th,

Miller's 11th birthday was June 6th. We celebrated with a trip to South Padre and dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse,

The first week I took Malena and intern BJ with me to acquire cell phone service, cable and internet. Less than one mile outside the children's home I was pulled over by Mexican Policia and ended up paying the officer 6oo pesos to keep from going downtown and having my car taken for 2 days. My crime? Exceeding the speed by 25km/hr. Translation: Being an Americano in a nice car!

A team of 11 from Missouri came down and put on VBS for the children and did some painting around the home.

We took our first trip to a Mexican water park to celebrate birthdays for April, May, and June. Imagine an American water park with no life guards and very few rules. We had a blast!

Interns BJ (17) from Colorado and Eliza (20) from Minnesota arrived for the summer

Jackson learned to ride his bike without training wheels

Brandon and Miller discovered OXXO, the convenience store 2 blocks from our house which they now visit daily on their bikes

We all discovered Taco Ducks, the AWESOME restaurant 2 blocks from our house!
After trying 4 different grocery stores I found one I am happy with...Soriana

Eliza's church brought down a group of 34 and got LOTS of work done as well as celebrating graduation at the Children's Home.

We made another trip to South Padre where BJ was stung by a sting ray!

BJ's family came down for a week and we had the pleasure of getting to know these great people
We made a trip to Falcon Dam for July 4th
We finally registered our Mexican visas and our vehicles

We made our first trip to the beach in Mexico...Playa de Mezquital
And that brings us up to date. When I write it all down it sounds like a lot....come to think of it, it was a lot!!
Now how about some photos...


Anonymous said...

Jackson can ride a bike without training wheels. Oh my, I miss you all so much. Thanks for the pictures and the update. I can't wait to come visit. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

I am so glad all is going well. Loved the comment about the police! So did he ask for a payoff or did you offer? Lora Thompson