Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chipping away at the to-do list!

We were able to check three big things off of our to-do list this week. Yesterday we received our passports in the mail. We feel so official now! And we can't wait to get that first stamp. On Friday we sold our Honda Civic. Yippee!! And, best of all, we were able to get a storage unit for everything that we won't be taking with us. But what makes it so great is that we got it for FREE!! Some very kind Christian friends of ours own a storage facility and have graciously offered us a unit for the length of our stay. It is their donation to our mission. Is that cool or what!!

We were getting a bit discouraged about all that has to be done before we can leave and, as usual, God reminded us that He has everything under control. Although we still have MUCH to do we know that God does not expect us to do it in our own strength. He will be right there every step of the way. And we'll just keep chipping away...

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