Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In His Time

We can check two more items off the list!! About two weeks ago we sold our bull calf to a man from South Carolina. Selling the calf was a blessing on its own but it gets better. The gentleman who bought it was a fellow believer who has been to Reynosa with his church!! Wow, God is cool!! When he asked where we would be moving to and Brad told him our story he explained that his church went down to work at another children's home in Reynosa. They were a little disappointed in the trip because they did not get to stay at the children's home and therefore did not get much interaction with the children. After hearing about Children's Haven and the chance to really impact the chilren there he is going back to his church to present the possibility of visiting us there next year!! I just continue to be amazed at how God has blessed us so much already and we have not even left yet. He's just paving the way for us.

Oh yeah, number two on the list ....the tractor. We have a dear family friend who helps us with the animals whenever we travel and sometimes borrows the tractor. When he found out Brad was ready to sell the tractor he was immediately interested. Yesterday he said he wants the tractor and all the attachments. This is a big relief for Brad and again, it puts us one step closer to the goal.

We were talking about things last night and how we can see now that God has been preparing us for this all along. For me, one of the biggest blessings of my relationship with Christ has been the "aha!" moments He gives me. These are the times when I can look back at times in my life, good or bad, and see how He has used it. At those moments I am thankful for even the struggles because I know that they have prepared me for all that he has planned for my life.

A year ago if someone had asked me about the possibility of giving up all the "stuff" and becoming a missionary I don't think I could have imagined it and yet today I can't imagine anything else. I thank God for changing our hearts and molding our wills to be His.

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eliza said...

(And I'm also excited that I was able to find this blog.) I promise to frequent often. Just letting you know that you are often in my thoughts and prayers. Love from Minnesota!!