Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Alvarez Hermanos(Brothers)

These four brothers are very special to our family. They are Juan(13), Dan(9), Pablo(7), and Miguel(5) Alvarez. I had the pleasure of meeting Juan with Pastor Marcus on my first trip to the home in April of 2008. Our family met Juan and the other boys in June 2008.

Pray specifically for each boy and their mom. This is their second time at the home. They were able to go back home with their mom last year but she has been sick since early 2009. Pray that God will heal her and the boys will be able to return home with her soon. The boys arrived back at the home in May, 2009 just when we arrived to start our work. We were so happy to see Juan, Dan, Pablo, and Miguel! They have adjusted so well at the home.

Juan is your typical big brother and takes very good care of his younger brothers. He has started middle school this year and lives in house #4 with Teo and Elisa. He is quiet, speaks good English, and loves to read. Pray that the Lord will give him wisdom and strength in his teen years. He loves to talk and learn English with me(Brad).

Dan is the fireball and pistol of the brothers. He loves to talk, run, play, and have fun! Dan is very loving. He spends a lot of time playing and wrestling with Miller and Jackson. He also lives in house #4 with Teo and Elisa.

Pablo and Miguel are very much the younger brothers. They are quiet and keep to themselves a lot. They are very loving also and spend time playing with Miller and Jackson. Miguel lives in house #4 also and Pablo lives in house #1 with Alfredo and Veronica.

Our family has spent a lot of time with these boys in the past 6 months. We love on them and fellowship with them as often as possible. Dan made my day about 2 weeks ago when called me "mi Padre" (my dad). All the boys want is someone to listen, love, and hug them! That is a very easy task for us! Continue to pray for the Alvarez brothers daily! The Boyles Family

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Anonymous said...

You are such an awesome Dad to your own boys, I know why he would call you his Dad. I will put them on the prayer list in my class at church and in my daily prayers. To God be the glory for all you do in his name. Your an awesome son in-law too! I thank God for sending you to us. Love you bunches. Louise